Lucas Carpenter playing “Can’t Take It Back”

Here is Lucas Carpenter (who I posted about before) playing his song “Can’t Take It Back,”  and joined on the 12-string by Aurelien Budynek (from Cindy Blackman Group, DareDevil Squadron). He’s even nice enough to provide lyrics and the guitar tabs. This song is my favorite on his recent album, “EVOLUTION/MYSTERY.”

(The Fiancée loves it, too. It might even be “our song” and explains part of our relationship pretty succinctly.)

Hope you enjoyed and if you like what you heard, the CD is available on iTunes.

Lucas Carpenter & Mark Rose at Folklore Coffee & Co.

Tonight, I got to enjoy the sweet sounds of Lucas Carpenter and Mark Rose at Folklore Coffee & Co. With a $5 cover charge, a chance to eat great food & better coffee, this was definitely an event worth coming out for.

A Pennsylvania native, Lucas’s sound is refreshingly innovative and evokes some of the best sounds from such musicians as Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie/Postal Service), the Neptunes, Will.I.Am, and others (as described further on his Facebook page.) His lyrics contain balance of poetry and lyricism, while managing to be witty and pleasantly peppered with pop culture references and not just for the Gen Y crowd. You can get a sample of the variety of his sound from his songs “Frowny Face Away Message” and his personal favorite of his new album, Evolution/Mystery, “Tumbleweed.”

Mark Rose hails from Chicago, IL and plays shows solo and with a band. The show at the Folklore was solo. His music is “a  blend of blues-infused rock and progressive pop” (Check out more about his sound here.) Mark’s online store is where you can buy his great music and some well-designed graphic tees (it is almost summer, you know…).

As to how the two ended up playing together in at Folklore Coffee & Co. — after meeting up in Chicago, the two have been touring together  for the past month going everywhere from Milwaukee to New York, where Lucas currently resides.

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Lucas & Mark can be found touring together for the next two days in:

Ardmore, PA on Sunday at Milkboy Coffee at 8PM and New York, NY on Monday at National Underground at 9PM. (You hear that my PA, NYC, NJ, and CT people?! I’m calling you out!)

For those of you who are tired of the same old stuff on your playlists and on the radio every day, you should really update your playlists with Lucas Carpenter’s and Mark Rose’s excellent music.  Really, I’m allowing you to leave the blog and check these guys out instead!


For a bonus track, t-shirt, or autographed CD from Lucas, you can donate at Feed the Muse. (Someone had the audacity to steal his equipment last Autumn. You know you wanna support the arts!) Don’t forget, Mark’s online store, as well!