Nature Is Amazing In Slow Motion

Have you ever taken the time to think about what really happens around us when living things- insects, cats, people move? There is more than meets the eye in these seemingly simple movements. These three videos by The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube show you exactly why that damselfly may have flown off, what really happens when your cat jumps off something, and the tiny saccadic movements of your eye that happen whenever you look at an object. Check it out. It’s brilliant work and it’s amazing to see all the things you don’t see all because they happen too quickly to notice.


Play a Video Game, Help Cure a Disease : Discovery News

I set this up as a twitter post at first and then decided to share it here, on the blog.Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Video gamers are advancing the frontiers of science. Already, they’ve played games that ultimately help map the shapes of proteins. Now they’re also advancing scientists’ knowledge of genetics…”

Solution to Global Food Crisis Lies With Poop

Yep, they finally started making meat from people to solve the global food crisis, but not in the way that you would have thought. In a weird twist, the meat is being made from human waste a.k.a. poop! This video explains the process. Also, the new meat has fewer calories due to fat than regular meat.

Top 3 twitter posts of my lunch hour

Here are the top three twitter posts that caught my interest during the lunch hour:

They all proved to be really informative and personally interesting in some way. I admit I use twitter to get my news quickly and almost instantly at times, by staying connected to a list of news tweets. (I have a whole other list of just fashion tweets.) Do you, the readers, do anything special to get the news at your fingertips?

Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano erupting (via BBC)

Grimsvötn in Vatna Jökull glacier in Iceland o...
Grimsvotn Volcano Image via Wikipedia

The world may not have ended, but air travel in Europe may run into some nature-induced trouble again.


Iceland’s most active volcano, Grimsvotn, has started erupting, scientists say.

The volcano, which lies under the Vatnajokull glacier in south-east Iceland, last erupted in 2004.

In 2010, plumes…Read More: Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano erupting.

QR Codes As Fine Art; Today Your Home, Tomorrow the Louvre (via HughBriss)

Image via Wikipedia

QR codes, those funky images made of a bunch of little squares that anyone with a smartphone can scan to reveal a message or link to your website are becoming fine art you can hang on your walls.

Check out this great new trend, showing how modern advertising can also be modern art at

Susquehanna River Top Most Threatened for 2011

Pennsylvania has landed the top spot on a national list, but unfortunately the list is America’s Most Endangered Rivers. According to the national environmental group American Rivers, the Susquehanna River is America’s most endangered river . The group said the Susquehanna is being damaged by hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking.” The process is used to reach natural gas deposits in the underlying Marcellus Shale natural gas formation.

After being in Pennsylvania for nearly two years, I’ve grown attached to the area. It is upsetting to hear that a river that is amongst the oldest in the world is now being endangered through natural gas drilling the associated environmental hazards of the drilling procedure.

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