Nature Is Amazing In Slow Motion

Have you ever taken the time to think about what really happens around us when living things- insects, cats, people move? There is more than meets the eye in these seemingly simple movements. These three videos by The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube show you exactly why that damselfly may have flown off, what really happens when your cat jumps off something, and the tiny saccadic movements of your eye that happen whenever you look at an object. Check it out. It’s brilliant work and it’s amazing to see all the things you don’t see all because they happen too quickly to notice.


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José Feliciano

Yesterday, I attended my first Berimbrown concert at Central Connecticut State University. I have managed to be too far away every time they have visited the United States, but was able to catch them part way through their current 12-day visit.

Berimbrown is an internationally acclaimed Brazilian Congo pop band.  The name of the group references the berimbau, the Afro-Brazilian musical bow associated with capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art-dance-game, and James Brown, the African-American soul musician.  The band’s sound demonstrates the cultural dynamism of how music from the African Diaspora grew into the sounds of the Latin American music in the present day.  It is also reflective of the vibrancy and cultural dynamism taking place in Minas Gerais, Brazil through the effort of groups like Berimbrown.

If you are in the Central Connecticut area and missed this particular concert, Berimbrown will also be performing at the following locations:

May 2:

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