Korakuen Autumn Leaves – 参

José Feliciano:

As I didn’t get to write my own post about how much I enjoy the season of Autumn, I present you with this beautiful post from Tokyobling’s Blog. The images were simply too beautiful to not want to share it!

Originally posted on Tokyobling's Blog:

The last of my posts about my visit to Korakuen park last Sunday. Actually, the first of these photos is taken just a second after this photo from the second post, all I did was shift the focus from the leaves in the foreground to the leaves in the background (ie. the leaves close to and then the leaves far from me, I was pointing the camera straight up towards the sky), hence the “soft glow” effect by the unfocused red leaves in the foreground. Taking pictures of red leaves was something I resisted a long time, mainly because it is such a cliche, just like the photos of cherry blossoms that you see every year in the spring, but hey, cliches can be good to and I thought I really should share the beauty of Japan in the autumn. I hope you enjoy them!

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